My Arthur Agee And William Gates Hoop Dreams Essays

“That is all I think about, playing in the NBA!”

My Essays On The Two Stars of Hoop Dreams

Hello all. In the last year, I started marketing my book project The Engineers: A Western New York Basketball Story. I created a page for the book here on Big Words Authors. I have also generated several promotional essays and videos with more on the way. While I think all the essays are quality, two of the most notable involve Arthur Agee and William Gates from the classic basketball documentary Hoop Dreams. Arthur’s and Williams’ journeys helped inspire my project and they prompted me to write the two fan essays below.

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  1. Hello all. Thank you for checking out this short summary discussing my pieces on Arthur Agee and William Gates. Both pieces are longer pieces. If you read them, please share on your social media and leave a comment below the essays. Best regards. Yours in good sports!

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