Big Words Authors Writing Categories

Book Project Samples, Essays, Short Stories, Poetry

I started Big Words Authors not only for myself, but also as a platform for elevating other aspiring writers. Submitted writings can be:

Book project samples: If you are working on your own book project and want to give the world a look at your masterpiece, you can submit a sample for all to see.

Essays: If you have an essay or a thought-piece that you want to present to the world about any topic, those are welcome.

Short stories: Short stories with a beginning, middle and ending, and characters can also be submitted. See the guidelines page to determine if breaking it up into sections is necessary in terms of length.

Poetry: Finally, if you write poetry, you’re welcome to submit poems as well.

See the guidelines page to get a feel for the standards that prospective authors will have to adhere to for publication. Once published on Big Words Authors, documents will be searchable on the site via category and key words using the site search tool. Once again, writings will also be shareable on all the major social media platforms.