The Flash Movie: The Dying Art Of Making Superhero Movies

Some fans are even experiencing something called ‘Superhero Movie Fatigue’!

Writing Superhero Stories and Movies

I started Big Words Authors to promote my art and to promote the art of others. I created a page here on the site for my book project The Engineers: A Western New York Basketball Story in case you are new. I plan to use this site going forward to give perspectives on art and entertainment as it all starts with writing and storytelling. I started reading as a youth in part through comic books. I have likewise eagerly awaited and watched the superhero movies created by DC-Warner Bros and Marvel-Disney. There is a similar piece written in tandem on The Big Words Blog Site focusing on the dying business of making superhero movies.

Franchises Falling on Hard Times

Both franchises/studios have fallen on hard times for one reason, or the other and fan support is waning. Some fans are even experiencing something called ‘Superhero Movie Fatigue’! Marvel-Disney created masterpieces with phases one through three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They unfortunately forgot what made them successful or decided to depart from it altogether. Many feel they did this by demasculinizing the MCU. They further flooded it with characters, messages, and stories its core audiences did not care about or liked.

DC-Warner Bros repeatedly shot themselves in the foot trying to keep up with Marvel-Disney. It ultimately ruined a golden opportunity to create a string of Justice League movies with DC’s great pantheon of heroes and villains. The latest failure from DC-Warner Bros seems to be The Flash Movie for numerous reasons. I created the videos below on my entertainment and media YouTube channel. The first video captures my enthusiasm leading up to the movie. The second is my reaction to The Flash Movie and thoughts on why the fan enthusiasm is so low.

Getting Back to Basics

In short both studios need to strip everything down and get back to the business of telling quality elemental stories of good and evil. Consider phases one through three of the MCU. They must also keep them independent of social and political narratives. In essence stick with the source material and respect. They further need to consider what the diehard superhero fan boys and girls desire and make courting new audiences secondarily. Comic books are stories at their most fundamental level. Likewise, no one will want to watch your movies if they are not quality stories. Thank you for reading this and please check out my videos which are embedded below. Also please consider joining my newsletter below as well.

Let’s Get Nuts: I’m Looking Forward To Seeing The Flash Movie

A Tepid Turnout For The Flash Movie: My Reaction With Spoilers

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