Realistically Thinking And Poetically Speaking By Poetess Tamara Coleman

“Many People Will Never See Your Vision…….”

The third poem published on Big Words Authors once again comes from poetess Tamara Coleman. It is one of her many creations and involves the art of poetry itself. It is entitled, Realistically Thinking and Poetically Speaking, and discusses how people view you, your visions and your life. Tamara’s bio and contact information are immediately after her poem.

Many People Will

Never See Your Vision

Many People Will

Never Understand

Your Thoughts

Many People Will

Never Experience

Your Pain

Many People Will

Never Feel What’s

In Your Heart

Stay True To Yourself

And Know That God

Is With You And Together You Are One

Author’s Post Poem Reflections/Thoughts

This poem allowed my emotions to do the writing for me. Not everyone will see your vision. Your vision is for you and you only. Those are your thoughts. No one will know your pain. Your pain is your pain. And your vision is your vision.

About the Author

I am CREATIVELY CREATING CREATIVE DESIGNS. I am POETICALLY thinking. I am POETICALLY speaking. I am a POETIC being. I don’t CREATE to impress, I CREATE to express! Tamara Coleman is a talented poet and graphics designer from Buffalo, NY. To see more of Tamara’s poetry, go to Poetess Tamara Coleman on Facebook. Tamara can be contacted at Tam[email protected].

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